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Yamal-Nenets District Natural History Museum


Permanent Exhibit

Concepted and designed by Lorem Ipsum, Arktorium is a 90,000-square-foot museum under construction on the Yamal Peninsula, on the Polar Circle. This unique immersive space offers an exploration of Arctic life, covering its unique environment, history, indigenous cultures, and future challenges like climate change and globalization. With its strong emphasis on education, Arktorium aims to inspire visitors to protect this fragile Arctic ecosystem for generations to come.

V-A-C Foundation

Santa Barbara — Living Sculpture by Ragnar Kjartansson

Art Performance

In 2021, Moscow’s V-A-C Foundation debuted the “GES-2” cultural center, a transformed power plant designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. Its inaugural season highlighted the groundbreaking “Santa Barbara — Living Sculpture,” a 100-episode, single-take soap opera produced, staged, and shot by the Lorem Ipsum team under the direction of Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson, serving as a critique of modern media’s influence on reality.

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Corridors. Seven Worlds of Vysotsky

Temporary Exhibit

Concepted, designed, and built by Lorem Ipsum for the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, “Corridors: Seven Worlds of Vysotsky” is a temporary exhibition that celebrates the creative heritage of Vladimir Vysotsky, one of the most revered poets and performers of 20th-century Russia. The exhibit combines ultra-realistic immersive environments with multimedia elements, reflecting on themes from Vysotsky’s famed songs as well as Soviet history in general.

Yeltsin Center

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

Multimedia in Permanent Exhibit

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, also known as the Yeltsin Center, is a museum dedicated to commemorating the first democratically elected president of Russia and presenting the country’s modern history with cutting-edge exhibition methods. Lorem Ipsum’s creative team created all the film and interactive media content that visitors encounter at the Yeltsin Center, which is featured throughout the museum.

Yamal-Nenets District Natural History Museum

The Warmth of the Arctic

Temporary Exhibit

Concepted, designed, and built by Lorem Ipsum, “The Warmth of the Arctic” is an exhibition exploring Yamal Peninsula’s paradoxical contrast: it’s in the remote Arctic, yet it radiates warmth—physically and metaphorically. The travelling exhibit explores the area’s energy sector, indigenous cultures, and history, painting a vibrant picture of its past, present, and future.

Zoya Memorial and Museum Complex


Historical Museum

Concepted and designed by Lorem Ipsum, The Zoya Memorial & Museum Complex tells the story of the Battle of Moscow, a crucial turning point in World War II, while also incorporating the tragic account of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, an 18-year-old female partisan who was the first woman to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Post-War Period: From Catastrophe to Rebirth

Permanent Exhibit

The exposition “Post-War Period: From Catastrophe to Rebirth” explores the aftermath of World War II in Soviet history, where the glimmers of hope associated with its end quickly gave way to fear among Soviet Jews due to a wave of anti-Semitic repression. The Lorem Ipsum team crafted a narrative that interweaves the stories of notable figures from the Jewish intelligentsia of that time. The exposition features interactive museum technologies and immersive installations integrated into the historically recreated rooms.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Doorways Into Open Access

Digital Experience

In 2021, the Interaction Lab at Cooper Hewitt, with the support of Verizon 5G, launched a competition titled Activating Smithsonian Open Access (ASOA). The goal was to use cutting-edge technology to bring to life the millions of 2D objects in Smithsonian’s Open Access Collection.  Lorem Ipsum’s solution was to develop a prototype that connects the physical and digital world in an unexpected way. Doorways Into Open Access is an augmented and virtual reality mobile app that takes people back in time to experience artifacts from the collection.

Platov and His Time

Permanent Exhibit

“Platov and His Time,” conceived, designed, and built by Lorem Ipsum, is a permanent exhibition at Rostov-on-Don airport that honors the Don Cossacks’ role in Russia’s War of 1812 with Napoleon. Seamlessly fitting into the airport aesthetics, it combines historical content with modern design. The exhibit employs techniques such as large-scale multimedia, interactive games, and complex immersive environments to vividly convey the spirit of the Cossacks and the story of Platov.

Belgorod Region Government

Exposition Park in Belgorod

Exhibit Park

The Exposition Park, conceived and designed by Lorem Ipsum, is a new public space located in the center of Belgorod, which includes a complex two-level landscape, an immersive cinema building, an amphitheater, a section of the river embankment, a modern playground, and an exhibition system that allows outdoor exhibitions. The park is divided into two levels, which are designed for walks and various leisure activities accessible to any group of visitors.

City of the Avant-guard

Art Installation

“The City of the Avant-Garde,” conceived and designed by Lorem Ipsum, is a concept for a Christmas light display in Moscow that draws inspiration from the city’s cultural history as one of the major centers of the avant-garde movement. The installations pay homage to some of the most prominent artists associated with this movement, such as Malevich, Rodchenko, Kandinsky, Lissitsky, and Tatlin, featuring abstract and geometric shapes, bold colors, and intricate designs. The display offers visitors a chance to travel back in time and experience the incredible creativity and innovation of the artists who shaped the avant-garde movement.

The Atom Pavilion

Permanent Exhibit

Concepted, designed, and built by Lorem Ipsum, the seven-story Atom Pavilion is a museum dedicated to nuclear science and history. It features modern exhibits that utilize the latest museum technologies, including immersive environments and cutting-edge multimedia installations. The museum covers a wide range of themes, from the history of nuclear physics and the industry’s 20th-century development, to contemporary uses of radiation in medicine and food purification.

New Jerusalem State Museum of History and Art

Colors. Ninety Masterpieces in Ninety Years

Temporary Exhibit