Lorem Ipsum’s marketing division, LI360, helps brands define themselves by orchestrating holistic campaigns, involving traditional media as well as cutting-edge technological tools.




Digital Experience

MagicMirror, created in partnership with Snap and Verizon 5G, is an AR solution designed for both retailers and in-store shoppers. Using Snap’s advanced mapping technologies, Lorem Ipsum created a one-of-a-kind retail experience – a Lens that allows the customer to try on multiple versions of the same shirt, reducing the wasted time from trips back to racks, creating a swift and seamless purchase flow, and improving the fitting room experience. The Lens also reduces retailers’ footprints and physical inventory while increasing overall sales.


The Google Preferred Experience

Temporary Installation

To stand out from the barrage of traditional tools flooding the Google sales team on a daily basis, Lorem Ipsum conceived and developed The Google Experience, an in-office experiential installation aimed to provide a new way to discover the features and benefits of Google’s latest advertising products in an engaging and entertaining way.


Seiko Prospex in front of Macy’s

Brand Activation

Lorem Ipsum organized an event in front of Macy’s in New York, where dancers in diving suits and Seiko Prospex watches executed a performance resembling a deep-sea dive, drawing the attention of passersby and social media enthusiasts alike. The event was promoted vigorously on social media and engaged hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers through billboard advertising. An interactive element was added with a prize draw, encouraging social media users to post flash mob photos for a chance to win a watch from the Prospex collection.


Blundstone at Sundance

Brand Activation

Lorem Ipsum Corp strategized and deployed a comprehensive 360 campaign to relaunch the heritage Australian boot brand to the US marketplace with website design, packaging design, and an event partnership at the Sundance Film Festival.