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Honoring the Constitution in Polyscreen Performance

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In 2015, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates, commissioned Lorem Ipsum to create a media installation honoring the first post-Soviet constitution developed and signed during Boris Yeltsin’s presidency. We crafted a dynamic panorama featuring leading Russian politicians and celebrities reciting the constitution’s text, making it one of the museum’s most discussed media pieces.

Politicians and celebrities recite the post-Soviet constitution in a dynamic installation at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center.

This polyscreen presentation, comprising nine vertical screens, showcases a collective recital by over 40 personalities, each sharing a part of the constitution that holds particular significance for them.

Nine vertical screens showcase a collective recital by over 40 personalities, each sharing a significant part of the constitution.

The installation is part of the permanent exhibition at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, whose mission is to preserve, study, and present Boris Yeltsin’s historical legacy, emphasizing his contributions to the formation of a democratic Russia. Renowned for its innovative and engaging exhibits, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center was awarded the prestigious Kenneth Hudson Award for Best Museum in Europe, recognizing its excellence and impact in the museum industry.

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, Yekaterinburg
The Constitution According to Yeltsin
Commissioned by
Yeltsin Center
Designed by
Ralph Appelbaum Associates
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