Immersive Media for 4D Dynamic Flying Theater Ride

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In September 2017, Lorem Ipsum’s Media Lab was commissioned to produce media for a brand-new 39-seat 4D Flying Theater ride, built by Florida-based Dynamic Attractions, which opened at Zaryadye Park in Moscow.

The attraction features a 53-foot panoramic screen that envelops the mobile audience platform. After taking their seats, riders are lifted into the air by a sophisticated robotic arm and discover that the floor has disappeared — the synchronization of media and motion is what makes this ride truly unique. While suspended, the audience suddenly finds themselves leaping from the stratosphere and gliding over various breathtaking landscapes.

Mobile audience platform featuring True Flight Motion™.

A highly immersive flight experience is made possible by True Flight Motion™ technology, an engineering design that provides the ultimate degree of pitch and heave, resulting in an unparalleled aerial adventure.

The projection systems, engineered by Austria-based Kraftwerk Living Technologies, feature multiple 4K projectors, a high-quality audio system, a sophisticated video playback and auto-alignment system, the integration of 4D special effects, as well as the overall show control.

The shoot, led by Lorem Ipsum’s crew, utilized a Shotover F1 6-axis gyro-stabilized platform system suspended from a helicopter. The footage was captured on custom-tuned Red Helium 8K cameras fitted with Duclos 8mm fisheye lenses, specially designed for the project.

The production also utilized a fleet of Freefly Alta drones and a SuperTechno22 telescopic crane to achieve the illusion of flight over varying heights and terrains.

Zaryadie Park, Moscow
Creative Director
Yan Vizinberg
Chris Cooper
Soaring over Moscow
Commissioned by
Zaryadye Park
Dynamic Attractions
Exhibit Design, Production Technology & Principal Photography
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