The History of Education

Media Production|Permanent Exhibit

How does the story of Russia’s thousand-year-old education system transform from a history lesson to an exciting and engaging learning experience for teenagers? Prosveshcheniye Education Holding turned to Lorem Ipsum to answer just that.

A student experiences the history of Russia’s education system using augmented reality.

Through a combination of colorful, historical characters, popular movies and modern technology, Lorem Ipsum constructed an immersive exhibit exploring the history of Russian education in one single lesson, outside the traditional classroom setting.

The exhibition consists of five parts, each corresponding to a significant period in the development of Russia’s education system. Visiting teachers narrate the story of each period while students use augmented reality glasses to view animated illustrations curated and designed by Lorem Ipsum.

Students use 3D glasses to watch illustrations come to life, while their teacher explains the history behind the images.

Each period concludes with a short film—directed by Yan Vizinberg—in which, historical figures who contributed to the development of Russia’s education system tell the story in their own words. These characters are brought to life by two of Russia’s most noted film and theater stars, Aleksey Serebryakov (star of the the Golden Globe-winning film “Leviathan”) and Yulia Peresild (star of the 2017 film “Cold Tango”). The actors are fully transformed in makeup and splendid costumes from the vaults of the legendary Mosfilm. The actors take on the roles of Catherine the Great, Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Lenin and others, and provide a fresh take on centuries past.