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Prospex LX


Since the introduction of its first diver’s watches in the 1960s, Seiko has been recognized as a leader for those who demand the highest degree of reliability and durability. Building on this Legacy, the Prospex LX mirrors the lines of the 1968 Professional Diver’s watch but has been brilliantly updated with Seiko’s proprietary Spring Drive movement with an accuracy of +/- 1 second per day. In development for over 28 years, Seiko’s Spring Drive movement continues to function flawlessly when confronted with harsh conditions on earth, in the sea, or even in outer space. The movement can achieve its incredible accuracy due to the unique Tri-Synchro Regulator which uses a combination of mechanical energy to drive it, electrical energy to power the integrated circuit and quartz crystal, and electromagnetic energy to precisely regulate the speed of the glide wheel.


Though originally based on a Diver’s watch, the LX collection includes both Diver’s designs and timepieces with increased GMT functionality for the Land and Sky. Designed in collaboration with Ken Okuyama Design, the center of gravity of the case is lower to ensure a more comfortable fit on any wrist. In addition, the upper side of the case is set at a more pronounced angle to allow the Zaratsu-polished surfaces to shine more brightly living up to the name “LX” from the Latin word for light.


The LX line was developed in collaboration with Ken Okuyama Design. With his international experience in the design of automobiles and other high-profile products, Ken Okuyama brings his own special creativity to Prospex LX. At the Baselworld launch, he said ‘’My aim was to take the unique inheritance and integrity that Seiko has built in sports watches over the decades and to bring them alive in a design that has simplicity, harmony, power and presence. The Prospex LX is a true Seiko with a thoroughly contemporary feel.’’


The accuracy and special construction of Spring Drive make it uniquely suited for space and resistant to temperature and pressure changes. In fact, the movement has passed the rigorous testing required for space travel and maintained its accuracy and functionality while on board the International Space Station. Inspired by the moon and Spring Drive’s association with space travel , the LX U.S. Special Edition SNR051 features an intricate gray patterned dial representative of the silvered lunar surface and a multi-tone gray sapphire GMT bezel reflective of the light and shadows cast on the moon by other heavenly bodies. A vibrant blue GMT hand echoes the view of the earth from the moon while tracking the time in a second time zone.

Prospex LX


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