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Zoya Museum

The ZOYA Museum in Petrishevo, Russia, tells the story of
Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, a partisan saboteur who was martyred during WWII and became the first woman awarded the title of
Hero of the Soviet Union.

The immersive experience transports visitors to Moscow during
World War II to tell Zoya’s poignant story; her motivation for joining
the war effort, mission to thwart the Nazi advance and her eventual execution by the Nazis.

“An audiovisual spectacle.”


The museum places the visitor in the heart of the story using immersive recreated spaces, multimedia and interactives both physical and digital. Architecture and exhibit design work together to create moments of drama, and reflection which echo Zoya’s personal journey.

Using Moments to Invoke Emotion

Our goal was to encourage personal reflection as the visitor experiences the dramatic moments of Zoya’s life and how she has been remembered since.

From Concept to Creation

The thematic plan organizes the chapters of Zoya’s life throughout the space and accommodates the various visitor flows.
Take a closer look at how we concepted and designed the 1930’s classroom.

From the light and sound installations that transform the classroom into a war zone to the full-scale trench that feels like the Battle of Moscow, we designed the museum to bring visitors closer to history.

We recreate some of the notorious skirmishes of The Battle of Moscow and bring them to life with stunning animation.

The Immortal March is an interactive media installation paying homage to relatives who fought during World War II. The installation allows visitors to record a video and scan an image of their ancestor and contribute to a living memorial to the heroes of the war.

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