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Platov and His Time

Permanent Exhibit

The newly-constructed Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, is not only named after the famous Cossack army leader General Platov—it also showcases his life story, thanks to a permanent exhibit created by Lorem Ipsum.

Titled “Platov and his Time,” the exhibition pays tribute to the powerful role Platov and his army played in shaping the country’s history and fits seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the buildings, bridging the gap between historical imagery and modern design.

Through cutting-edge technology, imaginative artwork, and high-end video, Lorem Ipsum captured the spirit, struggle, and story of Platov and the Cossacks with five interactive and experiential installations.

The installation titled “The Free South” captures a day in the life of a Cossack 300 years ago on a 28-meter-wide screen with footage shot in 8K.

Cossack Spirit — 360 Degree Film
The story of the Cossacks’ origin is displayed across a 27-foot-long, 360-degree LED screen. Video footage, shot and produced by Lorem Ipsum, takes viewers through the Cossacks’ earliest years and conveys overarching feelings within the army, like the freedom felt while riding through fields on horses through the Eurasian Steppe.

An interactive installation pays tribute to the Cossacks and the role they played in pushing back against Napoleon during the Great War.

Battle of Borodino — Animated Canvas
The 24-foot long painting was derived from a series of 19th-century works of art and depicts the battle between the Cossacks and the French. While captivating at first glance, the piece comes to life when seen through a pair of electronic viewfinders. Parts of the painting are animated and show horses bucking, swords flying and dust whirling, for a first-hand look at what it’s like to be in battle.

Lorem Ipsum Corp created a CGI Cossack, whose clothing morphs as the centuries pass.

History of the Cossacks — A 3D Animation and Interactive Game
This installation was conceived, designed, programmed and built by Lorem Ipsum, and consists of two interactive parts. The first is a 3D illustration of the Cossacks’ clothing, which shows how their uniforms developed as the army became more organized. The second part of the exhibit includes a digital interface where visitors play virtual dress-up with Cossack uniforms from various eras, using their own photo.

The portraits of Platov and Mkhail Kutuzov are comprised of images and words that capture their stories.

Historic Figures — Typographic Portraits
At a closer glance, the oversized portraits of Mikhail Kutuzov and Platov on the airport’s windows are more than just historical faces. In this abstract exhibit, each image is made from smaller words and letters that build upon one another to tell the story of Platov and Kutuzov.

Aerial ride over the Don follows the river from its beginning to the Sea of Azov.

Don River — Aerial Film 
Visitors are immersed in an aerial ride over the Don as they ascend up one of the escalators in the airport. Shot with a drone at 8K resolution and displayed on a 35-foot-long LED screen, the film follows the river from its beginning in Novomoskovsk to the Sea of Azov. The Don was central to the development of civilization in the region and provided inspiration for the design and aesthetics of Platov Airport.

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