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Society for Experiential Graphic Design
Stalin Repressions
21 March 2019
The new part of the JMTC’s permanent exhibition is dedicated to the story of Soviet Jews from 1945 through the late 1960s, during which moments of hope were quickly replaced by new waves of anti-Semitic repressions. ... More
The New York Times
A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader
By Andrew Higgins|21 March 2019
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has reviled those years as a period of chaos, crime and “total poverty” that “nobody wants to ever see return.” Kremlin-controlled news media outlets regularly lambast what they call “the wild 90s” as a time ... More
Passenger Terminal Today
Winning Combination
Dan Symonds|21 March 2019
Despite having never worked in an airport environment, Lorem Ipsum succeeded in creating a striking and immersive series of exhibits that not only capture the passenger’s attention, but also educate and create a memorable experience.  ... More
The Moscow Times
The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky
Andrei Muchnik|21 March 2019
The experience is similar to immersive theater. All the items are authentic: furniture, cutlery and clothing — there’s even fresh food in the kitchen. You can touch most of the items and even open drawers in a cupboard.  ... More
Society for Experiential Graphic Design
Lorem Ipsum Corp. Revives the Past at Platov International Airport
21 March 2019
Through the creative use of technology, multidisciplinary agency Lorem Ipsum Corp. (New York) captured the spirit of the Don Cossacks and Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov in a host of interactive and experiential installations at the new airport in ... More
The New Yorker
Boris Yeltsin Quietly Challenges Putin
Masha Gessen|21 March 2019
Russians have long been obsessed with privilege, and with motor vehicles as its symbol. So it stands to reason that the first three major exhibits in the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre, which opened in Yekaterinburg, in late November, are two passenger ... More
The Hollywood Reporter
Cargo: Film Review
Frank Scheck|21 March 2019
Both filmmaker Yan Vizinberg and his actress, Natasha Rinis, make their feature debuts in this taut tale about the illegal traffic in human beings. ... More
The New York Times
She Was Told She’d Be a Model. Of Course.
Jeannette Catsoulis|21 March 2019
A stripped-down, socially conscious drama set in the slippery world of human trafficking, Yan Vizinberg’s “Cargo” is commendably free of cheap emotional manipulation. Instead the film leans almost exclusively on the focused performances of its two ... More
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