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Flight Over Russia

“Flight over Russia” is a breathtaking immersive panoramic film tour over Moscow’s historical landmarks within one of the most innovative parks in the world. The flying theater provides visitors with a 4D multi-sensory journey of the capital from a bird’s eye perspective.


50+ hours of footage captured
970 square miles of drone flight
1 million visitors per year

To create a captivating visual experience, we needed to film familiar buildings and parks from a unique perspective. Our team accomplished this by gaining exclusive aerial access that allowed us to capture footage of Moscow’s landmark locations from the Krymsky Bridge to the Kremlin.

“A unique virtual adventure”


We worked alongside the best builders and AV experts from around the world to design the wild ride that gives visitors a realistic feeling of flight over virtual Moscow. Our team produced all the multimedia that was then integrated into the attraction by Austrian-based Kraftwerk.

Our team constructed a custom fabricated lens and camera equipment to capture semi-sphere footage

The attraction features a 42-foot high hemispheric screen that visually enhances the viewing experience of flying through the city’s landmarks. Wind, smell, and smoke generators are activated throughout the ride to bring the city to life. “Flight over Russia” was Lorem Ipsum’s first 4D collaboration, marrying media and technology to help deliver an unforgettable family-focused experience that felt sky high.

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