The Google Preferred Experience

Client: Google|Completed: January 2017


Create a sales tool that educates and motivates the Google global sales force about the top-performing YouTube Creators featured in the Google Preferred ad network.


After a successful launch at Google’s New York headquarters, the Google Preferred Experience has been brought to San Francisco and Hamburg so far.

To stand out from the barrage of tools flooding the sales team on a daily basis, Lorem Ipsum conceived and developed an experiential installation that features a unique group of some of YouTube’s biggest stars. The immersive single-user installation envelops the viewer into the world of YouTube and reveals the stars’ passion for their subject matter, their fans, and the platform.    

Production took place over five days at YouTube Studios in New York, Los Angeles, and London. The final media was created in various languages, depending upon the destination of the Experience. To fully engage the sales force in the content, Lorem Ipsum created a theater based upon the familiar “G” logo of Google, adding an ergonomically designed leather seat that optimally positions the user to enjoy the presentation on the 200-degree wraparound screens.


Top YouTube Creator Laura Vitale is featured in the Google Preferred Experience presentation.

Various pressure sensors control the operation of the exhibit. The media program showcases leading YouTube Creators, including MatPat, Laura Vitale, and The Young Turks, who playfully explain why they love what they do. Lorem Ipsum also created a VR experience based on the installation, which plays on Google Cardboard, and was scaled up across the globe.


Architectural sketch of the Google Preferred Experience