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Sexy Neutrals Product Launch

Client: Clinique|Completed: October 2016


Launch a new product line simultaneously with Clinique’s new flagship store opening at their busiest location in the world: Macy’s Herald Square.


Product sold out within three months. Clinique’s personalized shopping experience grabbed customers’ attention and made reception of the Sexy Neutrals line anything but neutral.

Macy’s Herald Square welcomes over 1.7 million shoppers per month: people from all over the world, speaking many different languages, with many different skin tones. Clinique needed to stand out for the launch of their new flagship store and promote their latest product line, Sexy Neutrals, to this diverse consumer.

Lorem Ipsum conceived an easy-to-use iPad app that was accessible in four languages to accommodate the diverse clientele at Macy’s.

The Sexy Neutrals app lets people of different ethnicities explore the Sexy Neutrals products that best suit their skin tone. Utilizing helpful how-to videos, the app provides an easy-to-follow guide to Clinique makeup that can be tried in-store or shared with friends.

Clinique Sexy Neutrals

Clinique’s Sexy Neutrals rolled out across multiple digital platforms, including on clinique.com and the brand’s YouTube channel.